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Summer Time Skin Heroes

Summer Time Skin Heroes

Summer time is in full swing here in Harford County, with high temperatures and even higher humidity, these elements can wreck havoc on your skin. We asked our team to share their favorite skincare this summer.

Here’s a list of our Summer Skin Heroes


1. Glo Skin Beauty Solar Shade SPF 50

Protection at its most simple form from environmental damage like pollution, free radicals, and of course the sun. This lightweight blend of natural and minerals sunscreen glides on the skin providing UV protection from damaging photo rays caused by the sun. Free from fragrance and dyes this hero product was made suite all skin types even the most sensitive.

2. Glo Skin Beauty Soothing Gel Mask

This soothing mask will leave you feeling as cool as cucumber, literally. With two separate cucumber extracts and soothing botanicals to rehydrate and soften thirsty skin. We love this mask especially just off the beach. It’s cool temperature is great to intensify by portioning out an application and chilling in the fridge, great for reducing puffy under eyes.

3. Glo Skin Beauty Daily Hydration +

Instantly rehydrate and rejuvenate skin with this innovative Hyaluronic Acid serum. Plump, firm, and smooth skin with four to six drops daily under your favorite moisturizer to provide weightless moisture to tired, dry skin.

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4. Glo Skin Beauty Perfecting Powder

This mineral based translucent powder absorbs excess oil, eliminate shine, and help control the skin during all this heat. Featuring vitamin A, C, and E with green tree extract this powder is great for you skin. Lightly dust over top of bare or foundation throughout the day as needed.

5. Farm House Fresh Coconut Beach Lip Balm

Nothing says summer time like coconut. The naturally derived fragrance will whisk you away instantly to the Caribbean with a coconut drink in hand. Sooth and rehydrate dry, cracked, even sunburned lips with this long wearing lip balm.